The Foxfires released two new singles titled, “Don’t Give Up” and “Choose Love” on Valentine’s Day of 2018. The latter is a campaign and message the band have been pushing for 4 years to move towards a more empathetic, equal, and balanced future where we see past race, gender, religion, sexuality, or political party and to fully embrace all of humanity. “Don’t Give Up” is an anti-suicide song that the band have been adamant about putting out in response to the suicide epidemic of the past 4 years, since the recent deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington and made once again more prominent by the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

“New York’s The Foxfires are blazing through 2018 like an unstoppable force. The group who have been making waves with their newest release “Don’t Give Up/Choose Love”, have quickly become a favorite of fans and critics alike.” —Louise Parker, Paste Magazine (Apr 23, 2018)

“The Foxfires are quickly on the rise with their catchy songs that have our ears craving more of their seductive sound. The band who hails from the New York area are not your cookie cutter indie band. Their in-depth tones and lyrics tell heartfelt stories with a vibrant twist.” —Jennifer Perez, New York City Patch

“New Jersey by NYC’s The Foxfires shared a look at the Ryan Kroll & Tyler Zettler visual for “Don’t Give Up / Choose Love” that basks in the art of the performance visual in a sincere & minimalist manner. Inviting their friends to join in on all the fun, the group brings an upbeat sound of hope for the hopeless & offers a sound that you can believe in. Listen & watch as a million overcast days are transformed into an infinite array of sunny afternoons to spend with those that you love & cherish the most.” —Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

“With a punchy bassline that sounds as sweet as something that Peter Hook would cook up, The Foxfires latest track Don’t Give Up is a high energy Post Punk Masterpiece, drenched in resonant yet upbeat vibes away from the usual melancholy of the genre. The Jangle Pop guitars made a Mancunian such as I feel right at home as I soaked up the powerful riffs of the guitar that mesmerise you under one of the tightest drum beats you’ve ever heard. Everything about the New York based collective The Foxfires is just sensational. They will be joining bands such as Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine on my Shoegaze playlists with their pioneering ‘seagaze’ sound. Their synergy is electric, and the sentimentality behind the track is heart wrenchingly warming. Don’t Give Up was released on Valentines Day 2018 and I can’t help finding that absolutely adorable.” —Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

The Foxfires are an oceanic Indie Rock band from New York and New Jersey formed in 2013. Their sound is a blend of Indie Pop/Rock, Folk, Surf Rock, and Shoegaze, with an oceanic ambiance and a positive message that they refer to as “Seagaze.” Since their formation they have released 2 singles, 2 EPs, and 1 full length records and performed over 400 shows across the East Coast, South, and Midwest, playing at many events such as their headlining slot at PEX: Summer Fest, PVD Fest, The TCS NYC Marathon, Pittsburgh Pride Fest, Northside Fest, Millennium Music Conference, Singer-Songwriter Cape May Conference, East Coast Music Conference, O+ Fest, Musikfest, Electric City Music Conference, Allentown Arts Fest, Newburgh Illuminated Fest, and Valley Fest amongst many others with artist such as Jennifer Hudson, Michale Graves (Former Misfits), Kurt Travis (Former Dance Gavin Dance), Have Mercy, Sparks the Rescue, Pentimento, and Rookie of the Year, amongst countless others. Their music has been featured on radio across the United States as well as parts of Europe and been licensed to the Discovery Networks, Homemade Soul Music, Audiosparx, Roadtrip Nation, and Bring Your Own Board music libraries. They are currently in the studio recording three new singles for a winter release and have some big surprises for 2019! Stay tuned!